Jul 17, 2010

Bellevue Demonstration Garden

Last Saturday i did a lecture on ferns at the Bellevue Demonstration Garden.  What a cool place!  I was cautious as it was a newly created lecture and quite a distance to drive, especially for a day off.  It was one of the best demonstration gardens I have ever been to! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, even their garden dog, a shibu-enu (They look like a small fox).  I am not sure why i didn't take his photo.  I met the strawberry lady, who's sole duty is to take care of the strawberry patch in the demonstration garden.  They even had a very nice fern garden!  

Back to the presentation...Using a projector and laptop is always a challenge.  Power point presentations are a blessing and a curse.  You can see what i am leading up to, right, ...a disaster!  My Mac was not acknowledged by the projector (should have tried at home), but I was busy at the apple store last night getting help from a mac-genius, who by the way was pretty cute and now i think that only mac computer geeks can actually be cute.  Well cutie-pie-mac-guy ended up getting me for 140 dollars for my charging issues.  So, 140 dollars later i thought i was all set to go.  Ao, after all that, i had to do my presentation on my little 14" screen.  What a patient group.  Be sure that i am going to figure out the compatibility issue. I get so frustrated at Mac Haters!  It is really not fair!  I use both PC at work and mac at home.  So, i go both ways!  Can't they, too!


One Love Photo said...

We've had crazy projector cord connection issues in the past and we own several versions of plugs so we are always ready :) Once you get the right plug, just keep it in a safe place and never forget it or you may have to buy two (not that that has ever happened to us or anything)

ALP said...

Oh dear oh dear - I hate it when machines don't do what they are supposed to. PLUS - ouch, that $140 bucks...I felt that pain for sure.

Great photos of the demo garden; I should look up the strawberry lady to see if she can figure out why my strawberry yields are so low.