Jul 31, 2010

Sweet Pea

i had a wonderful mini-vacation on Orcas Island this last week of July. my mom, who 'retired' on the island is the most productive gardener i know. in just a mere few years she can create amazing gardens and homes, for that matter. i would hope to think that i inherited this same gene, but i am sure she is out there weeding and watering as my fingers go pitter patter on the keyboard. not quite the same! this blog posts' garden delight was the sweetest, sweet peas that graced her garden gate. their fragrance made it the most wonderful welcome that one could have. i think that i commented on them just about everytime i walked through the darn thing. i spent two lovely "island days" (those of which do not understand this time difference only need to spend a few days on any of the San Juan Island's to understand) with my sweet cousin, Sarah, and my lovely Aunt, Janet. sarah and i had great moments laughing at our silly mothers. there is nothing better than being able to commiserate about family with family. luckily ours is only due to embarrassment rather than mean nasty stuff. then i had another two days on the island filled with marathon reading, chatting with my mom and evening walks to eastsound and the beach. i hated to come back to the hustle and bustle of the "real world", but rather than run around "getting ahead" foolishly, like the rest of the puget sound metropolis, i spent more time with more family, seeing my sister, baby Jason, and Jason's Daddy, Bobby, home for a holiday from the middle east. and then friends... and more babies. i now just need to check dad off the list. two more days to go....(update Dad is checked off)

I summarized my time off, at work, by saying that i was able to do everything that i wanted except win the lottery!

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ALP said...

You are looking tanned and rested girl! So interesting that you've posted sweet pea photos. I have sweet peas in some pots on my patio - and they have been taking their sweet time blooming. I just saw the FIRST one today - the same day I saw your wonderful photos!