Aug 30, 2010

My dogs name is blue and Hydrangeas are too!

Blue and green are my two favorite colors. if i look in my closet i see black, white, strips of the two, and blue and green, not much of anything else. hydrangeas are the flower of August and are just so blue. they need next to nothing and provide many months of interest and become more and more beautiful as they age. i like the lace caps much more than the heady mop heads, but each have their place. as children, my sister and i (she probably does not remember) would pick the perfect star flowers of the lace caps and throw them up into the air like we were at a wedding. i would try to stick their flower stems through my earring holes to make them into jewelry. they were just so pretty and perfect to not have tons of fun with.

i have found that even though their name sounds like they like water, they are actually quite drought tolerant and recover well from periods of neglect. they are old fashion and so, so, pretty. i think that if they were to have a smell it should be of something clear, clean, and crisp; like the ocean, but minus the yucky tides-out smell.

The other wonderful thing about Hydrangeas is just how easy they dress up the home or a simple garden table. a few years ago, vickie, owner of the garden shop at Lakewold, purchased this table set and created this wonderful space for visitors to sit and read the best, import garden mags. So, i say, go out there and pick a few of your hydrangeas and if you don't have any, go get some!!!


Sylvia said...

Why didn't I know about your blog before? So cute! Which kind are the lace cap? The top photo?

camandjanice said...

I love the star one! What a pretty variety. The titled made me think of big fat lazy dogs (Blue and Sydney are kicking it somewhere together...)

ALP said...

LOVE the photo second from the bottom - great composition! Hmmm, after reading this, maybe I won't cut down our pathetic looking Hydrangea. I need to get an email out to both you and Margaret - we need to have a lunch at my place in the next couple of weeks!