Nov 12, 2010

I Heart Hanalei

I have to admit that it has been nearly a decade since i have swam in the chilly waters of the puget sound. I am pretty embarrased by the fact. But, i have really made up for it these past two weeks. I spent one lovely week swimming in the lagoons at Ko Olina, on Oahu, at my Aunt and Uncles Condo. My nephew Jason got to play around in the resorts many pools, one special for kids with tiny pebbles on the bottom. The water was amazing, so soft and salty, and just the perfect temperature. I liked to wade right in, but my mom, she used the self-torture method and I swear it would take her nearly 15 minutes to finally make it in.

Then after a week of spending time with family, i flew solo to Kauai to meet Jon and Heather for our North Shore Kauai adventure, itinerary thanks to Erika!! The highlights proved to be everything Hanalei, plus a few south island adventures. Hanalei stole our hearts. We had wonderful days at the calm beach of Hanalei Bay: body surfing, upright paddle boarding, practicing the fly stroke, mermaid style, but mostly laughing at each other being crushed by waves, oh and maybe our dismounts from the paddleboard:) Jon had the graceful dive off, Heather the butt thump on the board, and me, i perfected the Texas ten-step. We tested out erika's restaurant and Bar recommendations. Had a dizzying car ride to the Waimea Canyon, followed by a beautiful sunset adventure collecting the tiniest pieces of glass at "Glass Beach". We shot awesome golden light photos at Hannapepe. Throughout we entertained our selves by mispronouncing , on accident, and on purpose, all the Hawaiian names. For instance Hannapepe turned into Hanna"peepee" and then Poi i'pu turned into well, poo poo. Childish, yes, but quite ammusing. I cannot wait to return to the islands and this time maybe have a better grasp of the Hawaiian Language. Can you say, "I would like to buy a vowel"?

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One Love Photo said...

Can you just get your ass back over here right now. It just isn't the same without you. Everything we do we say "Kate would love this". We did more paddle boarding up the river today and it was so Beautiful and you wouldn't believe the tent set-up for the Andy Iron Memorial. It's going to be nuts. I LOVE this post. You are the perfect travel partner. Love you! xoxoxo H&J