Sep 7, 2010

The Mystical Summit Lakes

Mystical describes the morning four friends hiked to summit lake. We were fortunate not to get poured on, but not fortunate enough to see said, Mystical, Summit Lake (Lake in photo above is not summit lake, but a small lake on the way up). She decided that she would rather be shroud in Fog than in the limitless mountain views and described unique color of her water. Regardless I always feel fortunate to be up in the mountains; feeling the fresh, crisp, misty air. After a short hike up and a freezing cold stop for lunch, I was glad i brought extra socks that served very well as mittens (they were hard to pick berries with, though). I impressed my fellow hikers with my mountain fashion sense. i wore my socks, lime green, for mittens and my hand/arm cuffs, pink, as leg-warmers. We were back by 12:30, glad that we were not sopping wet, but pleased that we dared the ominous weather to enjoy some of Washington's mountain beauty.

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